Multimedia & Human Computer Interaction Proposal

Team Member:

  1. Ryan Anggada Kho (2101704672)
  2. Krissie (2101716773)
  3. Vincent Joyan (2101699672)


We are required to create 2D game using game editor callled construct 2. The game must be related to biology / chemistry and intended for educational purpose.


We want to create a game that uses crude oil distillation as the main topic. For the design of the game, it will be based on popular 2D time-management game called Diner Dash. Player will play as a gas station attendant, racing against time, serving all the incoming trucks. The trucks themselves will have different request on what kind of oil they want. Player will have to match the request of those trucks with the distillation machine that acts as the “kitchen” so the output results from the “kitchen” are the same as the requests. If the player is late in serving the trucks, it will flee. So will it if the player gives them the wrong order. The game will be over either when player reaches the target profit (win) or fails to reach the target when there is no incoming truck left (lose).

My contribution to the project:

In this project, I will contribute by helping the coding of player’s movements and also the making of the sprites

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